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- the completion of the Case for Socialism section
- Leninism: How Not to Build a Revolutionary Party
- My Time In and Out of the International Socialist Organization (ISO)
- Thinking About Joining the ISO?

the Case for SocialismPublished ArticlesISO and Bolsheviks ComparedBooklist
Class Struggle and the Rise of HitlerThe Russian Provisional Government and the WarCrisis in North Korea: the Eagle FaltersBackground to the U.S.-North Korea Crisis
1,000 too many, but how many more?the Bush DoctrineSuicide Bombings & "Realism" in PalestineAnti-war Handbook
A20 Protest [2002]Lessons of the Spanish RevolutionWhat Now After Afghanistan? [2001]Don't Turn Tragedy Into War! [2001]
Don't Let Bush Execute McVeigh!Mid-East Peace?Debacle 2000Nader vs. Gush and Bore
Executioner's Ball [2000]Death Penalty on Trial IMF-World Bank Protest April 16, 2000 W.T.O. & the Battle of Seattle [2000]
Humanitarian Violence Population Control School Criminalizing Youth
Trenchcoat Mafia vs Daytrader Mafia Links Quotes Me


5/4/11 - minor changes to Trotskyism. Special thanks to David Walters of Marxist Internet Archive and Socialist Organiser for pointing out the fact that Genora Dollinger was not a Trotskyist when she led the 1936 Flint, Michigan sit-down strikes, she was a Socialist Party (SP) member and later became a Trotskyist (at the time the American Trotskyists were temporarily members of the SP).
12/31/11 - major changes to Trotskyism
11/16/11 - "Can there by a revolution in the U.S.?"
8/31/11 - "But socialists are such a tiny minority..." and "How I Became a Socialist" revised.
7/23/11 - I no longer encourage people to join the International Socialist Organization (ISO). It is not the democratic political party/organization that is desperately needed, nor is it modeled on the Bolshevik wing of the Russian Social-Democratic Labor Party. More to come on that topic soon.
7/15/11 - major changes to "How can workers run society?"; "what would socialism look like?" will be up soon.
5/12/11 - minor edits of "What about the USSR? Weren't they socialist?" and "But the market encourages efficiency!"
5/11/11 - index of all my published articles; "Socialism is a great idea, but people are naturally greedy" updated
2/16/11 - revised "What is women's liberation? Aren't women free already?"
1/13/10 - Class Struggle and the Rise of Hitler
12/28/06 - Syndicalism
6/8/06 - the Coming Storm
4/21/06 - the Coming War With Iran
43/15/06 - the Russian Provisional Government and the War
12/30/05 - The Crisis in North Korea: the Eagle Falters, the Dragon Steps In; Background to the U.S.-North Korea Crisis
7/15/05 - Booklist
11/6/04 - 1,000 too many, but how many more?
11/30/02 - the Bush Doctrine
8/31/02 - Why You Should Join the ISO
8/4/02 - Terrorism; Pacifism; Suicide Bombings & "Realism" in Palestine
7/25/02 - "What is Trotskyism?"; Maoism
5/24/02 - Stalinism; Monuments
5/16/02 - Anti-war activst hand book; "What is women's liberation? Aren't women free already?"
5/1/02 - April 20th Protest
3/28/02 - Many Fronts, One War; Reformism; Lessons of the Spanish Revolution
3/10/02 - Anarchism; "But socialists are such a tiny minority"
2/21/02 - "You can't get rid of racism! People always fear what's different..." and "Do Socialists Fight for Reforms?"
2/16/02 - reposted "Isn't Revolution Violent" since it was down; "Professional revolutionaries? Isn't that elitist?"; Communism vs socialism
12/19/01 - "How I Became a socialist"
12/13/01 - What Now After Afghanistan?
11/22/01 - "Won't a revolution eventually lead to more inequality?"
11/21/01 - Socialists and War
10/6/01 - "Don't Turn Tragedy Into War!"
6/28/01 - "Do socialists believe in God?", "Would garbagement be paid as much as doctors?", "Who is the 'ruling class'?"
5/12/01 - "Isn't revolution violent?", Stop the Execution of Tim McVeigh
3/23/01 - "What is class anyway? Why is it important?"
1/30/01 - "But the free market is more effecient!"
1/29/01 - "People are just naturally lazy"
1/28/01 - Can There Be Peace in the Middle East?
1/6/01 - "Under socialism, we'd all be the same"
12/22/00 - Debacle 2000: the Elections and After
12/15/00 - Russia: Fake Socialism
12/09/00 - Socialism vs. Human Nature
10/18/00 - "How can workers ever run society?"
9/13/00 - Crashing the Executioner's Ball.
9/1/00 - Nader vs Gush and Bore
8/13/00 - "What do we mean by socialism?"
8/3/00 - Pics for the anti World Bank and IMF protest
8/1/00 - "Crises"
6/24/00 - Death Penalty on Trial: what you can do to fight it.
6/18/00 - "Why exploitation and alienation are endemic to the system"
5/28/00 - "What is capital?"
5/23/00 - Anti World Bank and IMF Protest, April 16th in Washington DC
4/29/00 - "Why Work Sucks"
3/19/00 - "Exploitation"
3/4/00 - added some pics of myself for your chewing satisfaction. Thanks to Ether for his patience and scanner.
2/21/00 - "Unnecessary Contradictions" and "(the Case for) Socialism"
1/27/00 - the W.T.O. and the Battle of Seattle: Can we beat the multi-nationals?
10/30/99 - Humanitarian Violence
10/5/99 - Population Control... From Cold War to "Drug War"; the lies continue

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