The International Socialist Organization (ISO)
and the Bolsheviks Compared

Practices and Structures International Socialist Organization Russian Social-Democratic
Labor Party (Bolshevik)
Central Committee (CC) X X
Newspaper X X
Part of a Broader, Multi-Tendency Party - X
A Program Advocating Socialist Revolution X -
Branches Have Local Autonomy - X
CC Elected by Secret Ballot - X
Expelled Members Can Appeal Expulsions - X
Membership Figures Are Kept
Secret From Group Members
X -
CC Elected as Individuals
Instead of a Bloc
- X
All Officials Elected - X
Members Must Sell Newspaper X -
After the Group Votes
on a Political Position,
All Members Must Defend That
Position In Public
Even If They Disagree With It
X -
Organization's Decisions and Resolutions
Published in Newspaper
- X
Differences Over Practical, Tactical, Strategic
Orientations Argued Out Publicly
- X
Members Must Agree on Positions
Regarding Foreign Governments
X -
Develops Slogans to Guide
Campaigns Around Issues
- X

Click here to read the 1903 rules adopted by the RSDLP.

Click here to read the ISO's rules (pages 19-21)

Whether or not any/all of the practices of the Bolshevik wing of the RSDLP are applicable to today is up for debate, but the fact that there is a tremendous gap between their practices/structures and the ISO's cannot be disputed.