Socialist Websites and Blogs

Marxists Internet Archive - awesome site containing virtually everything by Marx, Engels, Lenin, Trotsky, Luxemburg and Conolly.

International Socialist Review - every issue is chock full of information and helps arm you with the politics you need to win. The archives on Israel/Palestine are particularly good.

Unrepentnat Marxist - Louis Proyect runs the Marxmail email list and is a former member of the American Socialist Workers' Party. He worked closely with the late great Peter Camejo.

Center for Socialist History - excellent website. Check out the writings of Hal Draper, an American socialist - he's excellent.

Other Political Links - an extremely comprehensive resource with links to non-governmental organizations and official reports about the murderous and corrupt Kosovo "Liberation" Army and its campaign to drive out Kosovo's Serb, Roma, and other minority ethnic and religious populations created by the Serbian Orthodox Church. If you really want to know what the KLA was all about and why most of the anti-war left (including the ISO of which I was a member) got the issue of Kosovo's "self-determination" wrong, read the material they have that covers the period before the 1999 war.

Occupied Wall Street Journal - newspaper of Occupy Wall Street and the Occupy movement.

Occupy Together - the central website of the Occupy movement.