Stop the Execution of McVeigh!

Yes, he's guilty of murder - mass murder in fact. Yes, he's a right-wing, neo-fascist scumbag. But we must nonetheless oppose his execution.

Why? Because the Bush administration is going to use McVeigh's blood to oil the racist death penalty machine known as the federal death row.

Over the last year and half, the death penalty has lost credibility throughout the country, with reports on Nightline, the evening news, and by the federal government itself reporting cases of innocent people on death row, as well as judicial racism and class bias. Since activists won a moratorium on executions in Illinois, the death penalty's validity, effectiveness, and fairness are being questioned now by millions of people across the nation.

Now Bush, who himself is responsible for murder of over 150 in Texas, wants to grease the skids and restore the death penalty's shrinking credibility. For the Texecutioner this is going to be extremely difficult, considering that over three-quarters of those on the federal death row are black or latino. This makes it the most racist death row in the entire country, and now the country's leading executioner is behind the trigger.

Another reason to oppose McVeigh's execution is because McVeigh wants to go down in the history books as an anti-government martyr. He wants to die so more people will be moved to join the forces of the racist, anti-government far-right.

Instead of allowing Bush and his cronies to exploit this in order to do their dirty work, instead of allowing McVeigh to become the focal point for the far-right, we need to point to McVeigh's case as the exception to the rule in a racist death penalty system that doesn't really give a damn about justice.