Under socialism, we'd all be the same!

"Under socialism, we'd all be the same!"

This a common objection to socialism.

They say, "well, you socialists want equality, then we would all act the same, dress the same, eat the same, etc".

But think about it, how much cultural diversity is there under full fledged capitalism? Are McDonalds and Burger King your idea of diversity? Is a choice between Coke and Pepsi really a choice?

All hail big brother! NOT!Music under capitalism is mass produced. The Backstreet Boys and Britney Spears (among others) are mass produced, for mass consumption. Each of these "musical" groups was created wholely and solely for one thing: PROFIT.

Art is the same way. If you want to paint the way you want to paint, you will be a starving artist. If you want to paint Nike logos, you're bills will be paid, but you'll feel artistically raped because you were forced to mold your creativity into a marketable, fashionable product.

The choice that artists and musicians are offerred under capitalism the choice: Our way or the highway.

Under socialism, when the majority, the workers, own everything and run everything in their own interests, we would have more free time. Without the slave master, why toil all day in the fields?

With that free time, each of us could explore our individual talents, artistic and otherwise, in ways that aren't possible under capitalism. Capitalism's attitude toward, art, music and culture is this: if it doesn't get us more profits, screw it. Socialism's is just the opposite.

"But what if I want to sell my paintings in a socialist society? What if I want to make money?"

Since things would be produced in abundance, the basic necessities of life (health care, food, housing, clothes, etc) would be free. Eventually so would other things, like stereos, tvs, bikes, whatever your heart desires.

The person who asks this question must have the tables turned on them: "Well, what's the point of being an artist? To make money or to enjoy expressing your emotions?"

Only with the triumph of socialism will we see the full creative capacity of the human race blossom; no more will we spend time, money and creative ability making advertisements, flashy packages for identical products or building nuclear weapons. People will be able to spend their time reading, writing, reciting poetry, learning to play guitar, or whatever it is their heart desires.

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